Summer holidays


Cableway Herlíkovice - Zaly
Exported directly below the tower Zaly! Cableway Herlíkovice is open throughout the summer season and also provides transport bikes. 2 km away from the center of Spindleruv Mlyn


Cableway Sněžka
The easiest way to reach the highest peak of the Czech Republic the Pec pod Sněžkou - Sněžka. Traditional double chair lift has been exported tourists throughout the year from 1949 until September 2, 2012, when the lift closed. During that time the lift was visited by 20 million tourists and to the peak Sněžka it exported more than 7.2 million passengers. In the years 2012 and 2013 was done a complete reconstruction.

A new chair lift leads at the original route, only the lower station in Pec is moved to cottage named Lesovna. It uses modern technology - one-roped closed cabins for four passangers which disconect themselves at the station from the main rope. Your way to the top of Sněžka mountain will be even more comfortable.


Brown Hill Cableway
The cable car to the top of Brown's personal four-seat chairlift 1168 m long will take you from Pec pod Sněžkou to the top of Brown Hill, where in addition you can climb another 30 meters due to the observation tower and enjoy the beautiful views to the East Mountains and Snežka. Carriage of bicycles, strollers and dogs are free. For information, visit the observation tower


Bicycle path

Černodolský Congress
Cable car from Jánské Spa transports you to the Black Mountain. Near the upper station you come to the National Park cycle route No. 19A. Turn right and drive around the black shack cycling route to the National Park 1B. The steep slope in a nature trail Černohorské bogs observe the markings and dismount the bike. After this cycle route to get to the crossroads Pod cologne shed and turn left onto Meadow svážnici, which was soon to join the National Park cycle route No. 19B. After her go down to the crossroads Valley Net, where you turn left at the National Park cycle route No. 1E. After the creek Net gather in the Black Down. The length of this route is 9 km. Starting point: 50 ° 38'22 .128 "N, 15 ° 45'40 .537" E End Point: 50 ° 38'3 .455 "N, 15 ° 42'39 .326" E

Františkovská Congress
The cable car to the top of Brown 's personal four-seat chairlift 1168 m long will take you from Pec pod Sněžkou to the top of Brown Hill, where in addition you can climb another 30 meters due to the observation tower and enjoy the beautiful views to the East Mountains and Snežka . Carriage of bicycles , strollers and dogs are free. Information about the observation tower naleznetevydáte to fork fork . When you go down to this crossroads , turn right on the bike path č.8A the National Park , which will lead you around the hill to the village Rezek . Here you can refresh again . The Rezek the cycling route No. 22 heading toward Rokytnice . At the crossing gate and turn left at the intersection of Gates - St . Jan , turn right at the yellow tourist . After her go down to the village Františkov . Along the way you will pass the restaurant U Haske . For Francis , from the Museum of Old cowshed , continue along the yellow to the prospect of hills. This section is designed as a yellow themed crafts trail , which takes place here every year. The prospect of Vrších go down to the Lower Square in Rokytnice . The length of this route is 16 km . It is more suitable for more experienced cyclists and MTB bike.

The Little River Elbe
cyclobuses - Spindleruv Mlyn - St. Peter (710 m) lift - Plan (1195 m asl), Koprivnik, guards the Mill Cottages, Stone Mill, Lower Court, mountain (470 m) = 22 km.

Where Elbe flows
The Herlíkovice take a cable car to the front Zaly . At the crossroads , near the towers, you will find the National Park cycle route 10A . After her turn left and go down to the hotel Golden prospect of Playa de Palma . If you come to the main road , turn left again and go down on a crossword puzzle , which is the intersection of the village Mrklov . Here, you will join the National Park cycle route 10, turn left and soon the right direction Kněžická cottage . Remain at the National Park cycle route No. 10 , after which ultimately go down to Vrchlabí . From the square go after Krkonošské Street, which continues as the Slav street . This will lead you to the intersection with the street Comenius , to which you can join . Street Comenius soon as the street continues Tyrš , after which the bridge over the Elbe reached the roundabout . Z direction Nádražní him go down the street until you reach the railway station. Near the train station you will join the cycle path No. 2 Elbe Trail . It takes you to Hostinné . The length of this route is 27 km . Mainly along the asphalt paved roads. However , exit from Knezicka cottages in Vrchlabí is steeper . Starting point: 50 ° 39'35 .633 "N, 15 ° 35'52 .228 " E End Point: 50 ° 32'28 .071 "N, 15 ° 43'21 .490 " E

Kozelský Congress
The Rezek heading uphill cycle path 22 in direction Rokytnice. About a mile further, turn right on the National Park cycle route No. 6, after which you climb into the saddle under Dvoračkami. From the saddle heading to the National Park cycle route 1A, after that go down to the crossroads Forks. From this crossroads you continue downhill, but after the National Park cycle route No. 8A, which will take you to the hotel-glass Hut and Rock (beware barrier). The entire descent leads through Kozelského stream. It is formed by a beautiful natural cascades that deserves your attention. The hotel will join Rock on Route 286 and follow it to get to Jilemnice. The distance is 24 km, almost all the leading asphalt and paved roads. However, the descent through the valley of the creek Kozelského recommend caution, because the path is also sharper and moves along the forest mechanization. Remember that the road No. 286 is normal traffic.

The cable car to the top of Brown
The Brown Hill can be reached by cable car from Pec pod Sněžkou. In addition to its upper station is an observation tower that you can visit. Brown hill indicators will guide you to the National Park cycle route 1B, after which you will be at Tetřevím sheds. At the crossroads that lie beneath them, you will join the National Park cycle route No. 1G. Cyklotrasa the National Park No. 1G is suitable for more experienced cyclists. At the bottom of this section is Hornická nature trail Berghaus. From nature trails go down to the National Park cycle route No. 1E, turn right and drive through the valley of the creek Clean the Black Mine. The Black Down can continue to Jánské Spa or in the rigging. This route is 10 km. Usually results in the asphalt and paved roads. The National Park stretches along the cycling route No. 1G is due to its surface nezpevněnému technically demanding. Starting point: 50 ° 41'3 .998 "N, 15 ° 43'17 .001" E End Point: 50 ° 38'3 .455 "N, 15 ° 42'39 .326" E

After ski trails in summer
Cyclobuses - Spindleruv Mlyn (718 m), the cable car - Medvědín (1234 m), the Upper Mountains, Třídomí, on a straight Benecko, Štěpanice Upper, Lower Štěpanice, Hrabačov, Jilemnice (464 m) = 25 km.

Tourism and something for the kids

Hiking trail in the summer - from Pec pod Sněžkou
Pec p / Sněžkou - Square (769 m), the lower station of ski-slope (864 m) - the cable car - Sněžka (1602 m) - the red tourist sign , Silesian hut (1395 m) - the blue tourist sign, Meadow hut (1410 m) - the red tourist sign, monument to victims of the mountain (1510 m) , Výrovka (1360 m) , Cottage at the Crossroads ( 1350 m ) - green tourist mark , the North Star ( 1080 m asl) Pec p / Sněžkou (769 m). Total 9 km . Characteristics of Duluth: Major center of recreation, tourism and skiing in the Eastern Giant Mountains , situated in a deep valley of the river Upa , the highest mountain in the Czech Republic Snežkou. Silesian shed initially in the mid- 17th century . It used Mansions shed workers for building on Sněžka chapel. Lawrence. When expired , there grew up in r.1847 giant scam. After the 2nd World War was still in operation , but in 1982 due to the devastation completely destroyed . Portland: the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Passes over the top Czech - Polish border . On the northern Polish side of the cliffs fall into the valley Lomnička , in the southern Czech Giant Mine . At the top - modern Polish shed , 14 feet high chapel. Lawrence and emerging Czech postage. Meadow Shed: highest located mountain hut in the country. Name from the mountain top , on which it is located. In the meadow near the saddle is built memorial chapel victim mountains.

Walking route to Snežka of Pomezní bud
Pomezní shed (1108 m) - the red tourist sign, Jelenka , mica schist mountain Sněžka (1602 m) - the yellow tourist sign , Pink Mountain (1390 m) - the green tourist mark Portášky , Burnt Mill - Blue tur . mark John's shed , United Upa (755 m). A total of about 20 km . Characteristics of Pomezní shack : a group of holiday homes and chalets at the border crossing to Poland. Were founded in the period of 1634. 's Kitchen: the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Passes over the top Czech - Polish border . On the northern Polish side of the cliffs fall into the valley Lomnička , in the southern Czech Giant Mine . At the top - modern Polish shed , 14 feet high chapel. Lawrence and emerging Czech postage. Portášky : mountain hut on a meadow at the upper station of the funicular from Great Upa. Wired New recreation center situated in the valley of the river Upa between Pěnkavčím a Wallachian hill. The beginnings of settlement dating back to the 16th century. An interesting feature is the Baroque church of the Holy Trinity in 1788 and the parish from 1823.

Walking route to Snežka from Spindleruv Booths
Špindlerova Huts ( cyclobus ) - red tourist mark Parasol (1423 m) , Silesian hut (1395 m) , Sněžka (1602 m) - the blue tourist mark Meadow hut (1410 m) - the red tourist sign, Memorial to the victims of the mountains (1510 m) , Výrovka (1356 m) - the green tourist mark , Long mine , St. Peter ( 855 m asl), Spindleruv Mlyn - Square ( 720 m asl). A total of 23 km . Characteristics of Silesian shed initially in the mid- 17th century . It used Mansions shed workers for building on Sněžka chapel. Lawrence. When expired , there grew up in r.1847 giant scam. After the 2nd World War was still in operation , but in 1982 due to the devastation completely destroyed . Portland: the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Passes over the top Czech - Polish border . On the northern Polish side of the cliffs fall into the valley Lomnička , in the southern Czech Giant Mine . At the top - modern Polish shed , 14 feet high chapel. Lawrence and emerging Czech postage. Meadow Shed: highest located mountain hut in the country. Name from the mountain top , on which it is located. In the meadow near the saddle is built memorial chapel victim mountains. Výrovka : mountain hotel with a beautiful view of the panorama of mountains right on walking and jogging trails between Pec pod Sněžkou and Spindleruv Mlyn.

Fairytale Trail Little Úpou
Fairytale Trail Hike little or Upou Úpou for Little Mountain's fairy tales Marie Kubátová. You will be a ten stop with tales from the famous Czech writer, Mrs. Marie Kubátová. Fairy tales are translated into English, German and Polish. Individual stops are located in Mala Upa and are designed to familiarize young adult visitors to this picturesque mountain village not only with the creation lady writer, but is also beautiful and unforgettable views, which often unmotivated child's little feet hardly conquer the. The information center for a small fee you get a brochure and a map with ten fields for plotting the relief ornamentů.Ty located at each stop and your task is to find a repaint ornament pencil or crayon in the booklet. After correctly plotting all 10 sites you get back to the information center for reward Maloúpský penny.

Spindleruv Mlyn - Labe Waterfall - back
Spindleruv Mlyn (720 m) - the cable car - Medvědín (1233 m) - the yellow tourist sign, Vrbatova hut (1396 m) , Pančavská meadow Source Labe (1386 m) - the red tourist sign, shed Elbe (1300 m nm ) - blue tourist sign, Elbe waterfall , Labský mine , Spindleruv Mlyn - square . A total of 18 km . Characteristics of Medvědín Ski Area is a four-seat chairlift. Medvědín is an excellent starting point for mountain ridge hiking. From the top of Medvědín comfortably walk down to the next mountain resort Upper Mountains . Vrbatova shed : it can be found at the end of Mountain Road . It was built in 1964. Bears the name of Vaclav Vrbata , cross-country racer friend Bohumil Hanče . Both near here died in 1913 at the ski races. From the cottage there is a panoramic view of the surroundings. Elbe Shed: mountain hotel , while the intersection of hiking trails on the edge of the Elbe meadows above the edge of the Elbe Valley. Originally, there was a simple building , built circa 1830th In 1965, burned to the ground . In 1969 , the foundation stone of the monument today . Elbe waterfall : u Labské shed falls in the northernmost part of the Elbe gorge is 45 m tall, has peřejnatý character , another 200 m water falls into gorge wall Elbe Elbe Valley.

Spindleruv Mlyn - Vosecká booth - Upper Mountains
Spindleruv Mlyn - cyclobuses - Špindlerova hut (1208 m) - the red tourist sign , Girls stones ( 1414 m asl), Male Stones ( 1416 m asl ), snow pit (1490 m) , Tvarožník (1320 m) - Yellow TUR brand Vosecká hut (1270 m) - the green tourist mark Pančavská meadow (1360 m) - the red tourist sign, Vrbatova hut (1396 m), the Upper Mountains (1100 m). A total of 21 km . Characteristics of Špindlerova shed : it belongs to the famously facilities in the mountains. It has a rich history dating back to the 18th century . The first object to the mountain ridges was built in 1784. Burned down in 2005 farm building , the entire complex was subsequently modified. Girls and Male stones : a massive group of rocks , uneven weathered granite lying on the border ridge, are rozhledovým and orientation point . Snowmobiles pit : the area on the Polish side of the border ridge of glacial lakes and rubble. Near the Snow Jam is the highest mountain in the western Giant Mountains - High round ( 1,506 m ) . Upper Mountains : a mountain ski resort traversed the road from Lower Štěpanice to Vrbata shed. It is located north of the village Vitkovice . The first hut was built here in 1642.

Walking trails through the valley of the White Labe
An easy trail begins at the Information Centre of the National Park Authority in Spindleruv Mlyn. Girls footbridge leads over towards the hut at the White Elbe. The smooth asphalt surface can be used not only families with strollers or wheelchairs as well as cyclists. The route is a place of rest in the middle of a forest called Collection. It is equipped with a playground, sandpit, boards and nature, cabin, fireplace with wood ready and meets the needs of wheelchair users. The road, surrounded by steep slopes leads and passing along the rippling waters of the White River Elbe. It measures about 2.5 km.


Kněžická cottage
Kněžická cottage is situated at an altitude of 700 m above sea level between Vrchlabi and Benecko in the middle of the woods and pastures. It is accessible by car all year round and you can park right in front. In the vicinity there are ski lifts, chair lift and looks Zaly. In addition to the cottage accommodation and restaurants are also stable with 12 horses and a donkey. The cottage Kněžická do not be afraid to sit on the horse. One who has never ridden horseback, you can try what it feels like. There are horses who are selected to suit beginners and advanced riders. Because riding a horse can not be learned in a week or two weeks, it is performed only more informative training, how about riding should look like. We ride in the immediate area and to the Giant Mountains National Park. Kids like to ride a pony. Everywhere you during your acquaintance with horses accompanied by coaches who are ready to help you.


U Šťastného spree
Small family barn, which is located in the picturesque town of Vrchlabí in the Giant Mountains. It deals mainly with horses. Horses kept in a natural way 24 / 7th Horses have a choice, ie. that their choice whether to stay out or not. Thus bred horses are generally tough, resilient, healthier and certainly happier. Other activities include not only the stabling of horses, but also guiding children on pony ride our horses, rides, and lots of other activities with horses.



Lookout Zaly
The only stone tower in the mountains. The tower, which is open when the weather is nice panoramic view not only of the Giant Mountains, but also a wide area. Come and enjoy! Waiting for you the atmosphere of the mountains, and wood stoves.


Lookout Stepanek
The oldest neo-Gothic stone tower on top of the Jizera Mountains stars over the Příchovice at a height of 959 meters above sea level It is named after Archduke Stephan ( Stephen ) , which became in 1847 the construction of the imperial patron Krkonošské road. Construction was halted leaving the prince to Hungary and on for 40 years. Torso observation tower kept Mountain Association and the tourists who come here to observe the Sun . This group eventually took over from Prince Tower , and four years later built the lookout , and eventually opened to the public 1892. View from it is truly a wonderful addition to the western Giant Mountains Jizera Mountains are seen , Desna and Kamenica. Štěpánka to the legend , according to which the Prince of Rohan warning gypsy stopped construction because after construction was soon to die . In 1892 the building was completed and the prince had died soon after ..... Stepanek has a unique primate - a pictorial postcards were issued in record numbers. Perhaps the best known is the traditional New Year's hike up the hill stars that every year more and more crowded.


Brown Hill Lookout
The tower was built in 2009 and was co-financed from EU funds. The building is located on Brown Hill , near the walking path that follows the upper cableway station to Brown Hill . Lookout is located at an altitude of 1207 m asl s main observation deck 27 meters above the surrounding terrain . A panoramic view opens onto the main ridge of the Giant , especially the three highest mountains - Mount Meadow , Well and mountain Snežka . In addition, there is a view of Mount Rose , Pěnkavčí hill Velka Upa , Maple and large flat massifs bright and Montenegro. Attractive offers insights lookout understandably Care Center and trogové Valley Giant Mine with a typical U profile. The tower is the tallest building of this kind in the Mountains and its design is based primarily on the need to withstand the weather conditions in the area III . zone of the national park. Running time: June-October : 9:00 - 16:00 , admission is free . The total height of the tower is 30.85 m


Black Mountain Lookout
Current lookout for Montenegro , built 1998, is the first building on the top. It was preceded by two wooden towers, which were built in the 19th and 20th centuries , which was associated with the popularization Jánské spa among tourists. The first observation tower was built here Rudolf Bönsch , the operator of a local restaurant , in 1896. Given the low and soon ceased to be sufficient capacity onslaught of tourists , replaced by other , 10 meters high , covered with plastic binoculars and forward-looking map. It was in operation until the 20s of the 20th century and was replaced as contemporary, modern , metal buildings . On her design was originally used one of the poles gondola , who drove to the top of tourists since 1928 , and in 1981 was canceled and a new lift was led by a different route . After the original cable car pylon remained No. 8, which benefited Panorama association for the construction of the new moon. The mast was accompanied by a viewing platform at a height of 21 meters , connected by a spiral staircase with 106 degree change allowing winter operations. Hours lookout tower : July-August : Mon-Sun 10.15 to 16.00 pm, from September to June : Mon- Fri : 14.15 to 16.00 pm, Sat-Sun : 10.15 to 16.00 hours


Bobsled - Happyworld Spindleruv Mlyn
Špindlerovská our run was built in 1997 as the first project of its kind in the Czech Republic. Including transport device has a length of 1.400 mA rider when riding with an average slope of 7.03 % Enjoy 22 turns , jumps 5 ( faults) and three tunnels . Really extraordinary driving experience , the speed of which everyone chooses according to his ability , enhances the beautiful surrounding panorama of the Giant Mountains . The one or two- beans can run smoothly all ages , children from eight years alone , eight years accompanied by parents. Thanks to good lighting can be operated after dark . And how to ride the bobsled track ? After sitting on the bob bob departure station, the rider guided by gravity to transport cable device that BOBSLEIGHER exported to start. Here bob is automatically disconnected from the rope and also automatically moves to the profile of the bobsled track. After a raid into the bed of the bobsleigh track your speed and driving style has BOBSLEIGHER highly effective regulates the brake alone . It is this fact that makes driving an unusual and attractive experience. The whole track is in compliance with safety regulations not only certified according to EU regulations , as well as TÜV . In compliance with the operating rules is absolutely safe, which among other things allows independent driving children around school age . Come ye to a great trip with active fun for your children or friends

Bobsled - Relaxpark
Bobsled in Pec was established in 2007 in the area Relaxpark. This track trolley is mounted so that it can not leave the track, and the rider is strapped to the wheelchair seat belt. This makes it very safe path. Technologies that are used and enable the track even if it is raining, snowing or lying on the ground a lot of snow. The track is 900 meters long, which is 700m downhill. In some places the track is eight meters above the ground and the car can reach speeds up to 40km. Carts are two seats, so you can enjoy driving with children. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a person to ride over 12 years. Children are to a height of 140 cm. Children under 3 years of age do not pay the fare. Price each ride is 70 CZK for adults and 50 CZK for children and seniors. The more trips you buy, the price decreases.


Bungee trampoline in a spa
Bungee Trampoline located in the parking lot funicular to Black Mountain in a spa. Bungee trampoline is a special trampoline that will enchant kids and adults. It is designed for safe high jumps. Pinning to the special harness that is flexible beams connected with a cable lifting system. Flexible volume is set according to the weight bouncing (about 12-75 kg) to allow maximum support while jumping. Due to security and the impact of the jump can be performed flips forward and backward, or multiple somersaults.


Farmapark Toadstool
Farmapark Toadstool is located in a beautiful setting between the Giant Janske Spa and Svoboda nad Úpou. It is a place where you can find natural components of the game, the castle of straw bales, swings, Indian tennis, croquet, fire pit for roasting and contact with animals. Children with us may quite naturally and freely enjoy themselves and parents can join or relax with a coffee or a beer. Farmapark is not age restricted. . . Entrance fee 50 CZK, pony rides 100 CZK.


Monkey Park Spindleruv Mlyn
MonkeyPark Spindleruv Mlyn is situated near the onset of the local popular toboggan run. The longest rope park in the Giant has the longest total route length of 432 m (medium difficulty) , the middle path length of 356 m (medium difficulty) and a short path length of 296 m (easy difficulty) . The longest route is MonkeyPark Spindleruv Mlyn 32 obstacles , the most difficult of the three five-point range. It is intended for the general public, including children from 140 cm height. It is designed and conceived so that it could complete and totally untrained tourist or a child from a given height . Despite ( or perhaps because of ) the visitor can also take home a wonderful experience. Climber MonkeyPark Spindleruv Mlyn overcomes obstacles suspended on ropes between trees at a height of 2-8 meters . At the same time the trees are attached between each obstacle special " base" on which the climber moves after overcoming one obstacle to another and can even relax . Location MonkeyPark Spindleruv Mlyn directly into the mature forest while the whole experience is enhanced because it is so visitor moves - unlike synthetic rope center - still in nature, under the trees " between heaven and earth."

The court Králové Zoo
Visit the zoo in Dvur Kralove nad Labem. Relive your childhood memories when you are dreaming of adventure trips between wild animals and dreams of a partly filled when your parents got married over the weekend to the zoo. Here awaits a mysterious Africa, without having to travel through the nine mountains and the nine rivers. Begin section before visiting to learn everything important. You can read the links that you learn with experience programs. Meet the chapter is to help small animals. And then you take your children or partner and head towards us. We guarantee you moments that you will remember